I’m stand-up comedian Sam Gore and this is my stupid website. I can only apologise for how it looks – I have fat gammon hands and an eye for graphic design even Helen Keller wouldn’t be envious of.

Follow the links above and you can find all sorts of crap, including some information about me, where I’m gigging next and the Cryptid Crossword blog.

I hope you enjoy clicking through – feel free to bung some comments in if you like and I’ll do my best to get back to you.





5 thoughts on “About

  1. Stuart cluny says:

    Love I see you…..

  2. L.L. Brock says:

    I see you and I raise you up as the best stuff I’ve read lately…

  3. Mike Sands says:

    Hi Sam, love your writing. Killer wit. How about doing an ‘I see you’ on Sir Philip Green? I think there’s rich material for fun there…

  4. Jonathan Keeley says:

    PLEASE larger typeface

  5. The Keith Vaz ISY hits the nail on the head for me Sam – great stuff mate – Mark

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